Standard Repair Services

Tube & Fit


Replace tube and refit. Incl. price of new tube.

Brake Service


Fitting and adjustment of brake pads and cables

Gear Indexing


Adjustment of gear changing and fit of new cables.

Cassette & Chain Fit


Replacement of chain and cassette.

Headset Service


Replace and grease bearings, clean and grease headset cups and adjust/fit headset.

Fit Derailleur


Fitting and adjustment of rear/front deraileur, cables and gear indexing.

Fit Derailleur Hanger


Fitting of rear deraileur hanger, hanger/deraileur straightening and gear indexing.

Bottom Bracket


Replace and grease bearings, clean and grease bottom bracket cups, grease threads and/or replace bottom bracket.
Frame Works

Fork Fitting


Includes cutting fork, fit of crown race and fit of headset.

Frame Preparation


Facing of BB shell and steering tube.Tapping BB threads, rear derailleur threads and crank pedal thread.

Frame Alignment


Alignment of rear stays and fork.

Fork Cut


Includes cutting fork and chasing fork thread .
Wheel Service

Hub Service


Replace wheel bearings/axle, grease & clean hubs, adjust and refit wheel.

Wheel True


Straighten wheel and replace broken spoke (Incl. fit of 1 spoke)

Wheel Build


Assemble, lace and straighten wheel. Not including cost of spokes/hub/rim.