Who We Are

Frontline provide services to those who need help overcoming addiction and wish to make change. We provide aftercare support, counselling, holistics, key working and more.

With Frontline Bikes we are putting people with a history of addiction back to work.  This is an opportunity for re-education and upskilling but also creates a social return which benefits the community.

Donate Your Bike

If you would like to help our cause and support us, why not donate a bike.

Do you have a spare or “pre-loved” bike locked away in a garage or shed that you don’t use?

We renovate used bikes and get them back into the community. So your old bike is of great value to us. We will service it and get it back on the road.

How does this help? We will use your bike to train and upskill people recovering from addiction. Also we will put your bike back to use in the community at an affordable price.

Our bikes are used by frontline workers and carers, people in direct provision and local commuters. Make your next bike a Frontline bike!